January 24, 2012

Another rejection for one of my novels- Josh Getzler- agent from New York- sent a form email response- SO SAD-

I would have liked to have worked with him. He and his dad had owned and managed a baseball farm team- would have loved to have heard some stories.

And my connection in Louisville didn’t pan out- tough luck.

on to the next.



January 24, 2012

Saint Mary’s Gaels are now 20 and 21 in the polls- BUT – this week will really test them. They take on an extremely tough LMU team and then a ride into BYU will again test their mettle.

If they come to play with an attitude like they did against the Zags- they may be able to win both.

Then, with luck, maybe we will be sent to the east coast to try our hand against the powerful Murray State team (currently ranked 9th and 11th) for the ESPN bracketbuster.


January 24, 2012

Giants in the Super Bowl-
Even Living in California- my sons and their girlfriends, my wife and my neighbors have all converted to bleeding blue.
Very tense game against a tough 49er team- we were fortunate to have had the last shot at a field goal. Honestly felt it could have gone either way.
On to the Super Bowl- and Go Gee-Men.