March 22, 2012

Beginning the process of moving my website from Yahoo.com to BlueHost and using the WordPress.org CMS. Book for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson is a great start- just my speed.

So- I’ll also eventualy transfer over my Blog from Google Blogspot to WordPress.com and later to WordPress.org.


New Website

March 18, 2012

Downloaded WordPress and opened an account with BlueHost to host both Aleso’s real Estate site and my Book sites-
One for Shades and Mendocino thrillers and mysteries- and maybe for Bertholimieu (haven’t decided what kind of story this is going to be) and a second site for my AVM Thriller series- kid’s stories.

Have a blog through Google and now with WordPress- that’s simple enough, but doing a website with WordPress is slightly beyond my capabilities- have already bought a copy of WordPress design for dummies- that’s me- at least for now.

Fly-fishing thoughts

March 18, 2012

It’s been raining for 4 days now and I’ve just got over a severe case of bronchitis- Many thanks to Irv and Cheryl Johnson- best Doc/nurse combo in the world- for helping me get through.

Thinking of Fly-Fishing and JD- my buddy- I miss him dearly. Steelhead have been swimming in the California rivers and I think I’ll head north to try my luck. Probably just to the Russian River for some writing, fishing and wine-

Should be fun.

Better make a post on flyfishwithjohn.wordpress.com new blog