Favorite Writing Group

August 9, 2012

So it’s an “I’ve had enough writing” Thursday afternoon and I’m about to open a bottle of Neyers Chardonnay. Been thinking of all of my writing influences and muses- and I had to say that I’ve been so lucky to have been invited to join a writing group- okay, it’s been a few years now- but never too late to say thanks to such a spectacular group-

We’ve shut things down for awhile- but I miss their interaction, critiques, and wonderful, stimulating conversations.

“Oh, That Writing Group” has included Susan Shea, “Murder in the Abstract” ( http://www.susancshea.com/ ), Terry Shames, Ruth Hansell, Martha Jarocki, Carole Taylor, Diana Orgain  and her “Maternal Instincts” mysteries,      ( http://dianaorgain.com/ ) and Mariella Krause, a “Lonely Planet” author and also a mystery writer.

Someday we’ll be together again-


Gigi Pandian

August 9, 2012

Great meeting (Sister’s in Crime) at my friend and Co-author Terry Shames’ home in Berkeley. Gigi Pandian went over the pitfalls and pluses of Self Publishing versus the traditional route.

Check out her 20-steps on her blog-


Learned a lot- and even though it appears daunting, I may follow her lead. I have contacted her editor from the east coast and hope to begin working with her soon.



Approaching Alice Walker

August 6, 2012

So today I finally worked up the nerve to approach the Pulitzer Prize winning author, Alice Walker.  She has been hovering around and above my writing for over a couple of years now- sort of like Ellie’s ghost in the novel, Mendocino Coast. I have notes on all of Ms. Walker’s  blogs, interviews, on her books, and even on her Carl Jung “Red Book” dialogue audio.

She is currently updating her website: http://alicewalkersgarden.com/

I am requesting an interview to enhance my character Madeleine Carter from my Mendocino novel. I was told I could not write a novel with an African-American protagonist- by an agent who never read a damn word of my book. Another reason to consider self-publishing. Regardless, I’m pushing on- If nothing else, I’ll be done soon and will send it out with hopes of finding that perfect agent and publisher.

I am not sure Ms. Walker’s busy schedule will permit this, but hell- I had to try. Wish me luck.