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Jessica DeLee is an assistant at the San Diego magazine-

Of Maya and Mike- Wedding date- Sept 2014:

To Maya, it was just your typical weekend with Mike and their dog Ozzie. They were getting ready to set out on a beautiful hike in Marin county. Since it was raining, they decided on Redwood park in Oakland near their house. Maya thought it was odd that Mike insisted on packing their back pack to hit the trails (this was usually Maya’s job). Once in the park, about 30 minutes into the trail, Maya reached into the backpack for her camera, and Mike reached in to pull out a “water bottle.” He got down on one knee and popped the question, right there in the middle of the forest. (Maya was so shocked, she had him repeat the action and go down on one knee again a few minutes further down the trail just so she could really soak it in!) Mike had even planned a night out in SF, complete with dinner reservations at Boulevard and a booked room at a swanky hotel nearby.

John Gourhan's photo.
John Gourhan's photo.
John Gourhan's photo.
John Gourhan's photo.

Ed from Bette's DinerIt’s a bit of a trip, but so worth the effort! Got to 4th Street just past University in Bezerkely at about 9:15. Late for us- and for Bette’s. There was a group waiting both in and out (balmy weather for the last week in November) but Ed (25 years working strong) offered us a counter seat within 5 minutes.

Food rips out at light speed from Trudy- 30 years slinging hash -and Benjamin, a near-novice with “only” twelve years on the job. Employees tend to stay a long time at their positions and the quality of service and food reflects their commitment. And “hash” this ain’t. Try gourmet yet homey breakfasts and lunches.

Aleso and I have had the pleasure of eating their wonderful offerings for over 30 years. Never have we been disappointed. Each day’s specials are just that- “special.” And if their filling breakfasts aren’t enough, how about scones, morning buns, or various delectable pastries to go? Still hungry? Slide into their adjacent deli-type store and the choices abound for lunch or take-home dinners. Lots of things to bake at home also.

Address- 1807 – 4th Street in Berkeley just north of University Ave. Lots of shops to walk around and check out in the area before or after eating.


And for Bette’s website- full of great info:

Check out Trudy and Benjamin in action- so fast, so efficient, so expert! Without a doubt- best in the Bay Area!

Trudy and Benjamin

I miss New York for certain things- although I’m now an A’s, Warriors, Sharks and even an SF Giants fan (actually Willie Mays was my all-time idol), I still bleed blue for the N.Y. Football Giants, and I’m bleeding heavily this season!
Nothing like West Coast weather, wine country, year-around golf, access to Tahoe, sourdough rolls and rustic baguettes from La Farine. Love Dungeness crabs and the wide assortment of fabulous restaurants, but… NY Pizza and the NY delis are something else. Now don’t get me wrong- Lo Coco’s can’t be beat, yet thin-sliced ZZA (maybe Arinell’s on Shattuck/University approaches) can’t be had out here. Delis??? No chance… except for one spot-

Genova in Oakland on 5095 Telegraph Avenue. I wolfed down yet another fabulous deli sandwich yesterday- rare roast beef with all the trimmings- SOOO GOOOD.

David is the best- a fisherman, duck hunter, golfer- and top-notch manager/owner- he’s right up my alley. Tony set us up for a dinner for 20- meat balls, peppers, onions, sausage, lasagna, tortellini, and a full anti-pasta plate. Rave Reviews.

So, I get a great taste of NY right here in the best deli west of the Hudson River- All Good– All the Time! Check it out- I have for over one/quarter of a century!

the gate to delicious!

the gate to delicious!