The Bridge

August 16, 2015

Published in The Berkeley Times August 13, 2015:

The Bridge
For 5-6 billion, one digit more or less,
Glistening pearls dance
Fronting the sun’s magenta swath
Thin fog-line enveloping the Farallons.
A tedious, horrific jam evokes
The glimmering necklace hung above choppy water,
A necklace of elegance I wish I could
Drape around your silky neck.
As fiery October cirrus
Silently proclaim peace and
For just that moment, the love I feel for you,
The fading life and light of day,
So healthy you
Detestably fragile I.
The moment shattered by
Pragmatic analysis and raw solution.



Deterioration and Hope

August 16, 2015

20150523_175539Too many visits to Summit Hospital this year.
My list of meds is now over 20.
I feel like I am slipping down the sides of a damn muddy pit and can’t seem to scramble over the top.
Whine, Whine, Whine!

So- I’m dropping lbs. Working out, Walking through the Redwoods with Duke, Max, Lucy and Ruby- my rotational “Best Friends” and will begin to bike again.
Aleso and I are walking the course. Golf is already on the upswing as I broke 80 for the first time in a year.

Writing, Writing, Writing.
Time to send this stuff out.