January 24, 2012

Saint Mary’s Gaels are now 20 and 21 in the polls- BUT – this week will really test them. They take on an extremely tough LMU team and then a ride into BYU will again test their mettle.

If they come to play with an attitude like they did against the Zags- they may be able to win both.

Then, with luck, maybe we will be sent to the east coast to try our hand against the powerful Murray State team (currently ranked 9th and 11th) for the ESPN bracketbuster.


Saint Mary’s Gaels

Just returned from Vegas where the Gaels men and women lost both championship games to Gonzaga – virtual home games for the Bulldogs. Both of our teams had outstanding years. We have been very fortunate to witness and root for the Gaels during this extended run of winning basketball.

It will be interesting to see the rivalry of fan bases between BYU and the Zags next year. By Monday 2012 championship night, if any other two teams are in the final- it will be as quiet as a Tuesday afternoon practice, sneakers squeaking, coaches voices resonating throughout the near vacant stands. I’m looking forward to the Gales playing USF !

Zags women- what an absolute clinic- for the entire WCC season. They are so strong in all facets of team ball, I hope they strongly represent our conference by going deep into the NCAA tourney.