Thanks to Maya and Mike’s great friend Jessica from:

Jessica DeLee is an assistant at the San Diego magazine-

Of Maya and Mike- Wedding date- Sept 2014:

To Maya, it was just your typical weekend with Mike and their dog Ozzie. They were getting ready to set out on a beautiful hike in Marin county. Since it was raining, they decided on Redwood park in Oakland near their house. Maya thought it was odd that Mike insisted on packing their back pack to hit the trails (this was usually Maya’s job). Once in the park, about 30 minutes into the trail, Maya reached into the backpack for her camera, and Mike reached in to pull out a “water bottle.” He got down on one knee and popped the question, right there in the middle of the forest. (Maya was so shocked, she had him repeat the action and go down on one knee again a few minutes further down the trail just so she could really soak it in!) Mike had even planned a night out in SF, complete with dinner reservations at Boulevard and a booked room at a swanky hotel nearby.

John Gourhan's photo.
John Gourhan's photo.
John Gourhan's photo.
John Gourhan's photo.

New Website

March 18, 2012

Downloaded WordPress and opened an account with BlueHost to host both Aleso’s real Estate site and my Book sites-
One for Shades and Mendocino thrillers and mysteries- and maybe for Bertholimieu (haven’t decided what kind of story this is going to be) and a second site for my AVM Thriller series- kid’s stories.

Have a blog through Google and now with WordPress- that’s simple enough, but doing a website with WordPress is slightly beyond my capabilities- have already bought a copy of WordPress design for dummies- that’s me- at least for now.